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I would love to find some concrete documentation on how to use the tracking indicators (label, category, type) more than just to set them manually.

(However, I have basic understanding on some of it)

  1. What are they supposed to be used for?
  2. How should they be implemented?
  3. How do you use these indicators in your reports (standard/custom)?

Do know if any have a simple, or an answer at all, but let me know your learnings and goodies

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,

Jonas Pabst

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi, Jonas,

Let me try to help you understand about it.

Tracking Indicators: This report combines the key indicators for tracking the behavior of recipients upon receiving the delivery. It gives access to delivery and reception statistics, open and click-through rates, generated click streams, web tracking as well as sharing activities to social networks.

What are a label, category, and type means in the context of tracking indicators?

These three parameters help you in breaking down all your tracking information into meaningful segments.

Examples: category equal to "Opt-out" means a segment of recipients who clicked on Opt-out link which will have a label, name, and value. Just like the table below to help you understand.

Read this to understand how indicator calculations are carried out by Adobe campaign.

Indicator calculation

Looking for some examples Read this: Example

Looking for a theoretical perspective to understand the rationale behind category/goal/objective and natures read this What is the Difference Between Adobe Campaign Objectives and nature? - Marketing Cloud Blog

Exhaustive table for URL, label, name and corresponding values read below:

Click on mobile notificationmobileAppClick10Click on mobile notification
Email clickmail1Email click
Facebook ActionfacebookAction8Facebook Action
Facebook LinkfacebookLink7Facebook Link
Mirror pagemirrorPage6Mirror page
Not definedundefined0Not defined
Proposition updatepropUpdate11Proposition update
Twitter LinktwitterLink9Twitter Link

Hope this helps!


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