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Hi All,

We have a link for an external web page in the deliveries we sent out. Once the user clicks on the link, he is redirected to a form in an external website. The user can then fill up the form and submit it. We wanted to track the users who have submitted the forms.  We do not want only the total number of submits, but rather the individual users who have submitted the form. We want to use only the functionalities available inside Adobe Campaign (Web Tracking in this case) and not any analytics tool. Is this possible to achieve? We are using Adobe Campaign v6.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello Subhajit,

To my mind, at least with Adobe Campaign standard version (I am not sure for ACS), it is possible to use the factory Adobe Campaign mechanism for web tracking, only if your "external" web site is actually either an Adobe Campaign standard web site (called AC webApp) or an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) web site.

Otherwise you need any tagging tool such as Adobe Analytics (Omniture), Google Analytics, AT Internet/xiti, etc, or even better Adobe DTM.



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