Total Opens and Clicks not showing correctly when running a report via a workflow



I've created a workflow that uses the delivery resource to export the open and click stats for an email send. The unique open and click stats are showing correctly, but the total opens and clicks are completely wrong. Here are the expressions I'm using -


example one.png


They don't match up with what it says in the dynamic report and are actually lower than the unique stats (how can the total amount of opens/clicks be lower than the unique number??).

example two.png


If somebody could tell me where I'm going wrong, that'd be great.


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The total opens indeed should not be lower here.

Is it a very recent delivery?

The dynamic indicators are refreshes in very short time periods / real time for a certain period after the delivery is sent.

The KPIs are only calculated in fixed schedules.


So if it is very recent, that could explain it.