Test and Target or Audience Manager with Campaign



I am wondering if Test and Target or Audience Manager is the program needed for a certain use case.


A push note or in app message is sent to a user selling product A.

The user does not buy product A so I show them a message selling product B.

They buy product B so I upsell to product C.


Pretty much I want to create a user journey with the data learned through Campaign.  Which additional tool is needed?

Thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Tracey,

Thanks for Reaching out to the community. Choosing a right product is sometime confusing you can refer to the following quick  so Audience manager or test and target  

Adobe Analytics+ Campaign: Go for this combination if you have only first party data;  First-party data is your company’s own data — from online logins, loyalty programs, web behaviors, or mobile interactions, mobile apps.

Audience Manager +Adobe Analytics+ Campaign: Go for this combination if you have first party, Second- and Third-Party Data;  Second-party data comes from your partner organizations that has first-party data complementary to your own.Third-party data includes consumers’ behavioral habits, shopping propensities, and household incomes. An organization can purchase third-party data — which supplements its existing first-party data — by working with a data provider.

Test and Target+ Adobe Analytics: Go for this combination if you are not sure about your audience what they want or what they will like so you need to understand them and test your ideas before going full throttle i.e sending offer A to 10% of people or to a sub set of male audience and Offer B to another offer A another 10% random or pre defined criteria before and then sending the wining experience or offer to all audiences etc. Read more here.