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Hi team,

We have a request  to serve up conditional content within a dynamic email based on the link they clicked on within a previous email. Is this possible?

If not, is it possible to send them an email based on the link they clicked in the previous email?



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Hi Priyanka,

In order to achieve your data preparation, prior to the email personalization, i.e. fill the targetData in your workflow, in the Query activity (or other similar activities in workflow or queryDef if done in JS), select Tracking Logs link from nms:recipient, then select Url and most often, select the Url source attribute and type your url in the criteria filter screen (if it is a filter) and add the Url.source in the additional targetData section.

In some cases people want to filter or target or personalize based on the Url.category instead of Url.source. Do what is convenient for you in your use case.

Best Regards