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Hi Community,

For one of my client I am trying to check the total count of unsubscribed for a particular service. I am seeing some discrepancies in the count received and would like to know why?


Via audience using type as query , I created an audience and used the below elements,

subscription = exists and service =xyz and action unsubscribe.


I get a count of 100 (example)

Now, when I check for this same division in the service dashboard and select action as unsubscribe the count is higher.


This higher count is seen for the other services as well.


Is there any reason why the service dashboard shows a higher count? Or is my query incorrect? 





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Accepted Solutions (1)



@mmbb110 You need to base your query on the subscription history ressource not Profile :



Conditions are : 



Then dedup on the temporary ressource :




This should work.




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Answers (1)



Hello @mmbb110,


The explanation is simple :


In your Audience Query, you have the number of profiles who unsubscribed from the service.


In the Subscription history tab of your service, you can have multiple unsubscription records for the same profile, thus the higher count. A deduplication based on the email address will give you the same count as your Audience query.