Stop user approving their own emails?



Hi, is there a way to stop a user approving their own emails?

So say for example I create an email and it goes out for approval, I can go in and approve it myself.

I want to disallow this, however, I should still be allowed to approve someone else’s emails so I can’t use operator restrictions because I still need to have approval rights just not on my own emails.

Is this possible?



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Hi Vipul thanks for your reply,

I understand how approvals work generally but in this case I want to add a custom function using JavaScript or maybe in a typology whereby if a user creates an email then it should disable them to approve their own email and it must be approved by someone else.

Say for example there are 2 users both are admins so they both have approval rights. I want them both to be able to approve each other's emails but not their own. Is there a way I can say in a typology or something: if created by is = to person approving then don't approve or don't send out the email? So the email can only be sent out or approved if the person approving it is not = to the person who created it.

Hope this makes sense.






Hi Yusuf,

Please confirm on the following:

  • Are you an admin on the instance?
  • To whom is the campaign assigned. You can check it from the Edit tab of Campaign?

If you are an administrator and if the campaign is assigned to you, it allows you to approve an email.