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How are folks maintaining their campaigns, workflows, and schema changes? I found this project ( and I'm wondering if there is anything else out there. I'm hoping to find an easy/seamless way to integrate edits done in Campaign with TFS version file management and version control. This will provide project level management and release of Campaign projects. Thanks!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Andrew,

What you have shared is quite a basic project but a good idea indeed ; this doesn't support all features for development as such. I have in house custom solution; what I have written a custom tool to leverage FTP/SFTP transfer from Adobe campaign.

1. I have created a workflow in adobe campaign which listen to all changes in the adobe campaign code or configuration every 15 minutes and poll all changes and build a package and store that in a server where i have a git repository.

2. This will execute a script to push that to bit-bucket or your version control system creating a new tag/branch based on the kind of the work performed by the developer i.e. if developer have created a package definition in campaign then i will create a separate branch with that new package or if no package definition is available for the new change then i will create a new tag in the bit bucket repository.

3. Once a developer finishes his/her work he will raise a pull request in the version control system and your lead or architect can approve the changes and merge that to development/master branch.

4. My second script will poll or listen to all changes in the master branch every 6 hours if this finds any changes in that branch it will send one email to all developer that a deployment will take place in 30 minutes please save your changes.

5. After 30 minutes It create a package of everything in master branch and install that package to your target instance(DEV,STAGE).

This approach will give us an option to roll back if anything goes wrong. I am thinking to build an IDE to provide intellisense and ease the work of developers but not getting enough time 😞

May be you and your team can build something similar.



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Answers (2)



Hello everybody,

I have same goal : i want to use GIT to manage Adobe Campaign Project, so it's possible to have more details about your workflow to synchonize GIT and AobdeCampaign by pakcage, please?





Hi Amit, This looks like a very good approach. I am new to Adobe Campaign and still learning bits around it - Is it possible if you can share the logic of these workflows ?