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Hi jitendrat76652144

There is no built-in script for SMS External Account Setup, there are built-in scripts for Push Notifications. You could check for the same under Administration -> Configuration -> Javascript Codes. These are by the name of iOSUtils.js and androidPushConnector.js.

In case you wish to add your own customized Javascript Code for setting up an SMS Account with third party, feel free to add it within the same section by clicking on the New Icon and then referencing this Script within the Connector tab of the External Account.

However, it is strongly recommended that any such customized Scripts be implemented and added with the intervention of Adobe Consulting. These are outside the scope of Adobe Campaign Support and in case of any issues, they might not be able to assist you without Consulting's insights.

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There is no specific Connector for http type of connection.

You could connect with any Vendor and then work as per your customized Script.

However, as stated before, this is not recommended to be done without the intervention of Adobe Consulting.

They might be able to assist you better especially around javascript logic and SMS account setup.



Under External Accounts I can set the Channel to SMS and the Delivery Mode to External.

"Javascript used in the connector" then becomes available and this provides a list of available scripts to choose from.

Whichever I choose disappears when I save and I can't find anywhere in the UI to add a new custom javascript (Administration -> Configuration seems not to exist).

Is it possible to add a custom javascript and is it then possible to apply this to an SMS External Account?




I have one more query on this, My client is not supporting SMPP protocol and we should use the third-party API code and send the SMS to customers so In this process I have to pass the parameters an API key, message and mobile number to Service provider from an adobe campaign through HTTP protocol .

So which connector is support for HTTP protocol in adobe campaign SMS channel configuration and if any connector is support the HTTP protocol then how to pass the above parameters.

Please help me the how to achieve above requirement.

Please refer the sample code provided by Service provider in JSp .

if(request.getParameter("btnEnviar") != null){

String mensaje = request.getParameter("txtMensaje");

String numero = request.getParameter("txtNumero");

String urlRequest="";

String urlParametros = "apikey=" + URLEncoder.encode("8dd979e51402a36ff8217f8fa30788ecb9f3d1f6", "UTF-8") +

"&mensaje=" + URLEncoder.encode(mensaje, "UTF-8") +

"&numcelular=" + URLEncoder.encode(numero, "UTF-8") +

"&numregion=" + URLEncoder.encode("52", "UTF-8");

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Hey jitendrat76652144​, when you say Javascript are you referring to some customized Javascript provided by the SMS Vendor, or are you referring to some built-in script?