Simple curve report?



Hi all,

I think I've stuck... Current idea: as my AC6.1 has external data sources and every day some data is changing + users creating and sending campaigns, I want to build a set of reports representing values for a set of indicators (e.g. number of Recipients, number of custom entities, etc) by date.

So, I've spent couple of hours to understand AC reporting (seems like with no luck at all... SSRS, I love you!) and now need your help and advises.

Let's pretend I have the following data:















Here I have 3 columns: first with date, and two with integers.

I want the Date to be my X axis, numbers (from 0 to 20 000 or something) to be on Y axis; and I want Num1 and Num2 to be curves representing Num's values for each date.


I see X axis here, ok. But how to manage curves? Series want 'Operator', but my data is ready to go, I don't need any aggregations.

Please help me understand this feature...

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