Sending Email Delivery to File Audience (ACS)



Hi there,


I wish to send email deliveries to data that I don't want to store as profiles.


I have imported the data into a file type audience via worklow.


Now I have the file audience, how can I send a delivery to this?

I've tried via workflow (read audience --> email delivery) but it errors as the inbound data is not profile dimension as usual.


I assume this is something to do with the target mapping / target dimension set on the delivery template.


Can someone advise on the steps needed / configuration to support the sending of email deliveries to file audiences.





Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




In ACS mail sending is supposed to use a profile.

Sending to a temporary data loaded from a file is unfortunately not supported.


Even when using a target mapping or so, data needs to be linked with a profile in the database

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