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Hi all

We have the requirement to add a CC/BCC recipient to a delivery in case the TO recipient has a linked relationship manager. We have already tried to include the CC/BCC in the SMTP headers but our email gateway does not execute this parameters. However, the email received in outlook looks like it has also been sent as CC. The only solution we can think of is to send the CC/BCC recipient(s) also in the RCPT TO field in the envelope to the email gateway but this is part of the Adobe Campaign core code which as far as we understand cannot be modified.

Does anyone have an idea how we could fulfill such a CC/BCC requirement? We are using Adobe Campaign v6.1 (Neolane).

Appreciate all your proposals and hints!

Thanks and kind regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Daniel,

Campaign is used for email marketing and hence it should be targeted to an individual recipient.

So, CC is not possible in Campaign.

For BCC: we have the archving feature which you can use but it is a paid package and is available on latest Campaign builds.

Please check documentation at


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