Scenario 3 - List Pull Request




Your client has asked for a list of Coldplay fans to target in an upcoming CD release promotion. How would you set up the Query? If in addition, they want to know how much each fan spent on Coldplay music, how would you include that information in the results?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Targeting dimension: Recipients

Filtering dimension: History of transactions and purchases

Filter: Purchase date on or after ToDate(current date) - 18 month(s) AND Artist equal to Coldplay

Add complimentary data linked to filtering dimension (Data OF the filtering dimension)


Primary key (Recipient) GROUPED

First name (Recipient) GROUPED

Last name (Recipient) GROUPED

Artist (Product) GROUPED

sum(amount) as sales UNGROUPED

Advanced parameters:

Group data by targeting dimension element

Remove duplicate rows (DISTINCT)

Pass data to List update (Create list)

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