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I am looking for an example of saving the record count in a Adobe Campaign query. I then want to save the count into a database table table. Can anyone point me in the direction of saving just the record count and not the actual records.




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Answers (2)




Hi Chris,

In a workflow, after the Query activity, an event variable vars.recCount is set with the result set count.
So you can use it in a Javascript activity to save the value in a dedicated table (report/historical table, for instance; or in xtk:options counter with JS method setOptions).

Or you can change the dimension with Change dimension activity, to use the insert / update integrated, with the value of recCount.

With the Javascript way, you have many choices to do so; please see the JSAPI documentation these availables methods:

1. Direct SQL instructions (update, insert) into your dedicated report tables:


2. Using rather the Entity schemas (cleaner, but a bit less obvious):

set the entity properties then


(or method save of the entity)

If your count doesn"t come from a Query activity but directly from a queryDef query written in your Javascript query, vars.recCount is not available so you must count with your result collection with length function.

Same system is valuable if you need to count several objects, in that case it is not vars.recCount or legnth that it is needed,  but a queryDef with count (group by) clauses; and then you put the count values in the dedicated report tables the same way, by using sqlExec or session.Write or save entity, based on the loop on the several count values.

By the way, you have created another ticket with same subject today as well, please keep only this one, close the other. Many thanks in advance for other readers.