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I'm new to Adobe Campaign and I wanted to ask you what are the required fields in the template. In interested in the template footer where information about me as a sender are displayed.

Our target is mainly Europe and I know that each country has some specific details which are required in our emails.


United Kingdom
The Companies Act 1985 was already in place, applying to private and public limited companies or a Limited Liability Partnership. All business emails, letterheads, order forms and corporate websites must include:

  • The company’s registered name (e.g. ABC Ltd).
  • Registration number (listed on Companies House).
  • Place of registration (e.g. England).

Implemented on 1st January 2007, all corporate electronic communication must include:

  • The company’s registered name.
  • The office location.
  • Court register.
  • Registration number.
  • The name of the managing director and the board of directors.

This is my responsibility to know for each country or Adobe has a standard set of required fields which will be compliant with all countries?

Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Adobe Campaign Standard does not impose any required fields for any country in the template footer, body and/or header. It is up to the users of the solution to set up templates that adhere to the specific requirements for electronic communication for each of the countries in which one wants to communicate.



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