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Hi there,

Our main goal is to send an email to an imported list - without adding them to the recipients folder. Please let me know if the below is the wrong way to go about it?


We’re having an issue with the ‘Read list’ tool when setting up a workflow. As 'file' type lists don't appear in the standard query tool, we are having to use read list to target our list, but we can't get the delivery to work.

Uploading a file with one field with the header 'Email' we're seeing a correct count on the transition to the delivery. So it seems the tool is working.

We have configured the delivery to look at an external file and not the recipient table.

However, upon sending the delivery we see these error messages.

'Attribute ;'email' unknown (see definition of schema 'campaign_name' (temp:deliveryEmail-all)


Unable to parse expression '@email'.

Can anyone shed any light?



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Hi Samit,

I am having the same issue as Andy.

I have read through both pieces of documentation you shared, and am having a problem with the Email Channel documentation. When using an external file it informs me to navigate to the 'To' section within the email delivery and pick 'Defined in an external File', my issue is this option does not appear for me:



My Adobe Campaign Instance


Are you able to shed any further light on the situation?

Many thanks,




Hello Andy,

Curious - did you have a look at this piece of use case?

Email channel

This indicates a way to send the email to an external list, without importing the same to DB.

However, to do so, you may need to define your own target Mapping: Target mapping

The error you see is due to the reason that you are using an external file (basically a different dimension that Campaign does not understand), and hence it does not know the column to map to select the email address.

And that is what you need to define in your custom target mapping, so that the same can be used while delivering to external recipients.

In case you still have issues, please reach out to Adobe Client Care, and the team shall assist for any troubleshooting if needed.

Hope that helps!