Re using Adobe Analytics Segment Data for campaigns workflow



Hi All,

Just wondering if any of you have the solution on how can we target people that have been segmented in Adobe Analytics inside Adobe Campaign's workflow.

The first options that we tried is using Genesys connector inside both Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics but it seems like its a dead end since we can not seem to get any of the segmented user's data flowing to our workflow.

Our second option that we are currently investigating is using what the documentation referring to as the "People Core Services", just wondering if anybody knows how this works and would this help me achieving what I'm trying to do?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Felix,

Campaign and Analytics both integrate with People core service (or Audience Manager). This allow for example to send segments from Analytics to Audience Manager/People core service, and then from Audience Manager/People core service to Campaign. These segments are known in Campaign as "Audiences" or "Lists" which you can reuse in workflows.

Information about how to implement this are shared in the document you mentioned: Introduction