"Event not covered" for transactional message



I am trying to test transactional messaging (sending an email by SOAP request) to no avail.

What i did:

- created a template, type (called "t3") according to the steps in the documentation file "message-center-v6.1-en.pdf".

- Created the event "t3"

- published the template

- sending a proof worked perfectly

Then i created send SOAP message to the server with "Boomerang SOAP & REST client". This worked after using the content of a cookie "__sessiontoken" as "sessionToken".

Request looks like this.

l got back a response with HTTP code 200 (success) with this content:

In the event history of the message center i see the event (see screenshot), but it is marked as "Event not covered" and no email is sent.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 13.29.41.png

I do not see any entry in any logfile i searched on the server for this event.

Apparently the server cannot associate the request (type="t3") with the template for some reason. Event type of the template is "t3", as you see in this screenshot:

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 13.34.23.png

Server works OK for workflows, but just not for transactional messages via SOAP (proof sending works also). We are using a linux machine for the server.

Additional info

in the Audit log of the Workflow "Processing real time events" i see "[Routing] 1 message(s) with errors" (see screenshot).

But i cannot find out what the actual error was. How is this done?

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 15.39.17.png

Does anybody know what's (not) going on here? Is there any place on the server where i can see what is going on?

any help appreciated


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