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Hi all,

Hoping someone can enlighten me on some discrepancies on bounce reports within Campaign Standard.

An example of a recent mailing we sent had 67 Bounces/Errors.


After looking at the sending logs for said mailing, if you filter by 'Failed' it only displays 60 results, yet when you load more to view the full list this only displays 42 of the 60.


Does anyone know why there would be a discrepancy of 7 between the amount of bounces and errors with the 'Failed' list, and then why it would only display 42 of those 60 in failed list?

Many thanks,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Digital B2B'er​,

Ideally Bounce Rate should reflect the exact number in Delivery Logs as well as Dashboard.

Are we sure that the comparison was done at the same time, maybe those 7 bounces were soft bounces which later converged into successful Delivery.

If the Dashboard and Logs are being checked simultaneously then this discrepancy could be investigated.

I checked on my test Instances and was unable to replicate this discrepancy.

Also, are you noticing this with all the Deliveries or only this one.

Regarding the Logs not loading fine, I checked on my Instance and indeed it takes time but eventually loads.

In fact at times you might have to play around with the Scroll button on the right a bit and then the 'More Logs' show up:


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