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              I would like to know what is the purpose of platform options in Adobe campaign admin - platform - options hierarchy ? Can we access the platform options in the campaigns / workflows created  ? If they are not used in campaigns / workflows , what purpose do they server. Eg. the default platform options are available and probably used by campaign itself. But, if I as an operator have right to create platform options, then I should be able to use them as well. I did not find any link which explains how we can use them.

Configuring Campaign options

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Platform Options are primarily used by the Product code, and are exposed to allow changes to some of the functionality in the product. They basically act like constants in code and their values get filled based on our selections. There are several valid documented use cases where a customer may fill in these values, for examples with AEM-ACS integration, ACS-Target integration, etc. While you can create your custom options, you may not be able to leverage them as

a) Adobe Campaign doesn't allow Javascripting so you can't directly read them in codeor customizations, and

b) you can get the options and their values in a workflow, but I don't believe you can leverage them in any way except passing them down in a query.

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