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I'm looking to make a query where I target profiles who haven't opened ANY emails from x number of days ago.

This is to be set up as a workflow with a recurring email to entice user's to engage with our emails.

I understand that I need to query profiles that have no tracking associated to them but where I'm getting caught up is querying to 60 days ago. 

When using the simple mode for the query, it simply says "corresponds to the last 60 days", which to me means from now until 60 days ago. But I don't want to target profiles from yesterday, ONLY 60 days ago.


The advanced code reads as follows, though I don't fully understand it:

@logDate >= DaysAgo(60) AND @logDate < GetDate()


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Accepted Solutions (1)




The GetDate() returns current data + time.

So if run today at 4 p.m., it will consider anyone who did not open between NOW and NOW-60 days (i.e. 4 p.m. on the day which is 60 days ago).

So that shall satisfy your requirement

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