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Hi Adobe Team,

I'm Daeho at ibank in korea.

I have one question about push channel.

we are using some custom fields.

One of that, the field named 'push_url' means target URL.

'push_url' field is configured with tracking option.

In this case, there is an issue like below case.

1.  Configuring status example

- push_url : https:www.google.co.kr

2. Received on mobile

- params : {push_url=<!-- #include:NmsTracking_Clickfomula --> https://trackingurl.co.kr/?id=xxxx,aaaa,eeee<!-- #end -->

Because of the phrase like '<!-- ~~~ --> ', we can not use 'push_url' parameter.

Could you please let me know how can I send push without that phrase ?


Best Regards,


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