provide a web service which can recreate the sent messages using message template and campaign data and return it in a HTML or file formats.



We need to provide a web service which can recreate the sent messages using message template and campaign data and return it in a HTML or file formats. Is this possible? If yes, how?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Karthick,

Why not use the available feature in Campaign i.e. email archiving.

Search for term bcc and it will give you an idea where campaign creates a copy EML for every message sent. 



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Answers (2)




In case you have generated the mirror page on your email, then you can retrive the html data using a custom code.

write the following code as a javascript method and enable that as a  web service either using jssp page or via soap method in a schema.

//--------------------------------------------------------------------------- // function to build html delivery mirror page //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- function genrateDeliveryHtml(delivery, serverURL) { var sg = new StringGroup("nms:campaign"); if( String( == "" ) return "<p>" + sg.noRenderingLabel() + "</p>" // Collect broadlogs which come from last proofed delivery var queryBroadLog = xtk.queryDef.create( < queryDef schema={} operation="select" lineCount="5"> < select> < node expr="@id"/> < node expr="[@delivery-id]"/> < node expr="[delivery/properties/@midRemoteId]"/> < node expr="@address"/> < node expr="[delivery/@mirrorURL]"/> < /select> < where> < condition expr={"[delivery/@proofedDelivery-id]="+delivery.@id}/> < condition expr={"@status IN ("+DELIVERY_STATUS_SENT+","+DELIVERY_STATUS_TOSENT+")"}/> < /where> < orderBy> < node expr="[delivery/@lastModified]" sortDesc="true"/> < /orderBy> < /queryDef>) var iCompt = 0 var strHtmlContent = "" var broadLogList = queryBroadLog.ExecuteQuery() var strBroadLog = strBroadLog = strBroadLog.substring(strBroadLog.indexOf(':')+1) // Calculate mapping suffix var iDeliveryId = 0 for (var i=0; i<broadLogList[strBroadLog].length(); i++) { var eBroadLog = broadLogList[strBroadLog][i] var strUrl = if ((strUrl == "" || strUrl == undefined) && serverURL != "") strUrl = serverURL strUrl += "/nl/jsp/m.jsp?c=" var iCurrentDeliveryId = if (iCurrentDeliveryId == 0) iCurrentDeliveryId = eBroadLog.@["delivery-id"] if (iDeliveryId != 0 && iDeliveryId != iCurrentDeliveryId) break else if (iDeliveryId == 0) iDeliveryId = iCurrentDeliveryId // Show mirror page links if delivery is not in midsourcing if (strHtmlContent != "") strHtmlContent += "<br/>" strHtmlContent += "<img src='"+serverURL+"/xtk/img/html.png' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle'/>" strHtmlContent += " <a target='_blank' class='linkProcess' href='"+strUrl+'{'+simpleRevCrypt(iDeliveryId, eBroadLog.@id)+"}'>"+sg.previewHTMLLabel(eBroadLog.@address)+"</a>" } return strHtmlContent }

alternatively, If you wish to keep a copy of every email sent from your system, you will have to buy a feature called Email archiving. Please read more about id by reading the documentation Email deliverability.(
This is a paid feature and can have increased load on your MTA. It will generate EML files for every email sent which you can then export using sftp to a server of choice and then use on your web application.




Hi Karthick,

I have the same requirement for my client to recreate the same email content sent to the customer and store it in a file for retrieval purpose.

Were you able to recreate the content and return in HTML files?

If yes, Can you please let me know the details ..