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Hi Adobe Community,


I am using the profile substitution feature for my delivery and facing an issue when I am trying to preview via profile substitution.


This is occurring only for three emails and for others I can use the Profile substitution, preview it and also test proof.


What could be the reason for specific three emails to not work?

They are part of targeting.

It's working fine for other profiles.

I am stumped, if someone can help would be great.


I just get an error pop up when I go to preview change profile and from the profile substitution emails added selected the email/ emails for which it's causing issues.


Error: there was an error while generating previewing.


If I ignore this and still attempt to test proof , I don't get the proof. 

Nothing in log's .



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Accepted Solutions (1)




When I'm facing this error Error: there was an error while generating previewing I normally have to walk through the personalisation fields used in the email.

Check if they are mapped to the corresponding fields in (by example) Additional Data.

Sometimes it helps re-running a workflow and check the latest transition before the email delivery if all personalisation fields used in the email are available.

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