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Hi team,

In our current project, we are having a scenario, where Middleware team will make multiple call into ACS system. So here we have a Survey metadata table and a Surveyanswer table. Survey metadata table is 1:M relationship with Surveyanswer table - which means for 1 metadata record, there will be theoretically n number of records in Surveyanswer table. Now what we are seeing from Postman screen, that using POST command, we are not able to send an array of answer records, rather every answer has to be processed one by one. If there are 10 answers, it will require 10 calls from MW layer which is very tough for them considering they will have to build for retry mechanism as well in case of failure.

Is it possible to make an array of Surveyanswer table records and send to ACS in a single POST request?

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Hi @supratim1034,


Currently ACS REST API doesn't support bulk api requests. Either you will have to make individual POST request for each of the answer or consider doing through file import if the data is large.


Thanks, Sathees