Possibility to update campaign web tracking transaction data using external data from physical stores



Hi. We are looking to run AB split campaigns using script (I am referencing to A/B testing, which is documented in the workflow v6.1. documentation) with criteria Highest Conversion Rate and Highest Transaction Rate. The problem is that AB split script is looking for data in the delivery table only. I wanted to check if there is a possibility to add transactions that are made offline, as all our transactions are made at our physical stores.

What we can do from our side is to add a parameter that would indicate recipients in the delivery and then pull in/update list using external import.

But how can we then have this information added to the delivery report - web tracking? Therefore allowing the AB split script to run campaigns successfully based on the transaction data.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Kriss,

What Florent suggested will work with web tracking or app tracking, but with offline channels, it's not enough. You need to capture more information like source, file name, workflow name, timestamp, etc.

It's a standard practice to create a separate table for external tracking logs to capture information from all channels.

Usually, I go with following structure.


In your AB testing workflow, you can combine these two logs using recipient ID and you have everything in place to truly measure your results on Single customer view.

Hope this helps!



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Hi Kriss,

You can indeed load data from your offline transactions to be able to reuse them in Adobe Campaign. There are ways to create web tracking tags. Please have a look at the following documentation to check if that would be possible for your case and requirements: Creating web tracking tags

Let me know,