pipelined status page?



I am trying to troubleshoot Triggers and the pipelined process using the help at How to use Experience Cloud Triggers with Adobe Campaign Classic

It talks about a "pipelined status page" (No triggers are retrieved > Step #4 Look for errors in the pipelined status page. trigger-discarted, trigger-failures should be zero.)

Can you tell me where I find this status page in the client UI?

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Did you manage to get the URL to work? Reason I ask is Adobe engineering said the status page was only ever made available in an internal Adobe release version and was never released in a GA release. I could never get it to work, even after getting pipelined set up properly.

It could also be because it was a hosted version of the product and the port required was not opened in Adobe's AWS. Hard to tell what the real reason was.

Apparently it should not have been put in the public documentation (and still hasn't been removed). So I'm curious if anyone has ever seen this page work in the wild or in an on-prem install?