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I,m currently setting up my very first email delivery in Adobe Campaign. In a first phase, I want to add basic personalization (last name, first name).

However, I'm aware I also need to implement a fallback in case the CRM fields are empty. So instead of "Dear Mr. X', I need a fallback resorting to simply 'Dear Mr.'

How do I implement this fallback?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Cedric,

try using coalesce  function in your target and add a default value as empty i.e 



Returns value 2 if value 1 is zero or null, otherwise returns value 1

Coalesce(<value 1>, <value 2>)

refer to the screens below. This will help the business user and template designers to avoid the if else and any other js from email template.

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Answers (5)



In Adobe Campaign Standard, which is what forum this question was posted to:

There really isn't an out-of-box way to do this. The only way you can choose fallback behavior is with JavaScript. Here is some pseudocode which should get you started:

<% var greeting = null; if(context.profile.firstName == null) { greeting = ""; } else { greeting = context.profile.firstName;  } %>

Dear Mr. <%= greeting %>

(Note that "Dear Mr." by itself does not sound natural to native English speakers, so you'd want better copy.)



Ideally I would probably make a new field on load which contains the correct value for your greeting.

Failing that your best bet is to create a personalisation block which deals with this and select that block for your greeting. You should be able to duplicate the Greetings personalisation block as a base and modify to suit your needs.