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Using Adobe Classic, I have a requirement to call an API to get some PII data into the Marketing server at runtime.

For this, I am creating a workflow that will accept the input parameters, take its value and call the API and get the data back.

The way I am solutioning it is, that any workflow can call this workflow by making an External Signal call and get the PII back.

The challenge is how do I pass the values from this workflow to the calling workflow? Has anyone done this before?

Is there a better way to do this?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi rohank73357397,

You should instead work with a sub-workflow activity.

Limitation is that the sub-workflow activity can only stick to one targeting dimension.


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Hi Vipul,

I tried the sub-workflow and it worked. I was able to pass the variables from one to another.

Here is the what I did:

Created an workflow to get input as a Long URL parameter from the calling workflow.

Call an API to shorten the URL and then return the short URL back to the calling workflow.

The API workflow is as follows:


Then I created the source workflow in which I used the sub-workflow:

It sets the value of strText in Start and then calls a Subworkflow which does the job and returns the short URL which I am printing in the JS.


Note: I had to use instance.var.strText in my Start of the calling workflow to pass the values to the sub-workflow.

However I was able to use vars.shortURL in the Javascript after the values were returned from the sub-workflow.