Offer notification workflow never ends




We have a problem on our AC instance : the offer notification workflow never ends.

When the offer notification workflow is stopped (unconditionnaly, since it never ended after the first start.. ) then started again, it does its job correctly (deploy every needed entity) but when the deployment process seems to be finished (having "Publication Successful" log for every entities pending deployment), the JS activity does not stop blinking (with the mechanism), meaning the workflow does not ends then never restarts and then never publishes new offers.

We contacted the Adobe support who told us to check database sessions but nothing visible.

Could you please provide me with some inputs in order to debug this workflow task? the Interaction.js is 10000+rows long and is not modifiable to trace information.

No SQL logs are available in the workflow even if I checked the option .

The problem is that Business users cannot deploy new offers on the live environment and an admin action is needed to deploy it manually (which is not acceptable).

Thanks for your help.



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Hi Romain,

Were you able to track down the issue? I agree that this is not acceptable. Unfortunately I don't have any hint on my mind, I would recommend keep pinging the support team to have this investigated more in details.