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Dear community,

I would like to be informed if a user changes something within the custom resources of our ACS instance - is that possible?

I have the situation that lots of user have admin rights, because there are too many things a standard user is not allowed to do which I want the users to be able to do. Unfortunately, they have access to the custom resources that way, too. I would like to be able to keep an eye on that and be informed in case someone changes something in the custom resource tables. Can such a notification be setup somewhere? Or can I make the custom resources unavailable to a certain security group?

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It looks like not being possible easily.

schema / srcSchema can't be queried for, so you can't create e.g. a technical workflow for monitoring that.

There is also no published API for doing that via Adobe I/O calls.

One potential way might be to simulate user login to get the access credentials and then try to call the same API call which the UI is doing /rest/head/cusResourceBase/byText?_order=lastModified desc&_lineStart=0&_lineCount=30

Though that won't be easy and the API etc. may change any time as it's normally not supposed to be used for any direct calls.

Also any admin user will have full access to custom resources, there is no way to limit the permissions among the ADMINISTRATION role.

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Hi Ramon, thanks for your answer and the description of the potential option. However, that sounds too complicated for me to realize for my use case...