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No delivery tempates showing


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Hi all,

First post, so be kind

I am getting no delivery templates suddenly showing, they are there as other users can see them.

This is happening in V6 and V7.  I am currently using v7.

This is happening in all client instances

I can see them if I log into other peoples machines, so this has gone wrong on only my machine.

I have tried clearing the local cache multiple times. 

I have also tried deleting all files/folders in the following and restarting/reinstalling:

C:\Users\<Windows Username>\AppData\Roaming\Neolane\NL_5

This is what I get when I should have multiple delivery templates showing (I get the same in all folders):


If anybody could help, that would be wonderful...



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Level 10

Hi Rich,

Interesting issue... What is your operating system? What is you version of Internet explorer? Are they the same on the other machines you mention? Trying to figure out what the difference could be and lead to this.

Are you able to test on the same machine but on another instance? And is it only doing this with delivery templates, or also in other nodes of the explorer?



Level 10

Hi Rich,

Any update on your issue?