Need to make a condition within a query after launching my scheduler, ACS




i Hope you can provide me some guidance please.

My workflow run everyday, being launched by a scheduler, but between two specific date i need to make it stop and run again after the end date period.

Since i am quite new with ACS, and so different from V6, V7, i  would like to know how can i stop my scheduler during (dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy) and run again?

what i did so far, was just to  set up a scheduler to run everyday, and a query into additional data trying to add the function MonthsDiff(), but i am not sure how to write the expression properly and also what can i do, cause on v6 you can create a Split or Test, but not in ACS.

Any ideas?

thank you

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Today with ACS it is not possible to do this (stopping executions between 2 dates then resuming later) automatically. You'd have to do it manually or to copy your workflow and have one for each period. I will let you know if this becomes available in a future release, but there is no immediate plan for this that I'm aware of.



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