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Need more information in transacionnal messaging


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Hello everyone,

My work consists on making a functionnal transactionnal messaging but I have some issues on the part that consists on making the delivery when I make the link between a template I create and an event type I make. To be clear, I don't understand what I have to do in the part of the documentation on the screen below to see the deliveries I want to make.

How to make those automatic delivery possible ?


Thank you for your answers !


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I would say the question isnt very clear; but if you are looking at the image; this is a delivery summary once mails have been sent out. It is a verification out the results of the actual delivery. There is no action here except review the information.

To send out a transaction email; a webservice call (SOAP) has to be made to your message center execution instance with the eventType being listed in it; then the module determines the template and does the delivery itself.



Delivery folder structure on execution instance depends on the folder format defined in the delivery template


So if you define the format as above it will create the folders on execution instance as below