Need Best ways to maintain workflows in ACS



Hi All,

Can some one guide me the best ways to follow.

1) Is there any way,we can move the already created workflow from one program to another program. ex: I created workflow in import folder where i want to move to Purge program folder.

2) Is there any  way to copy workflow activities(query,reconcillations etc..) from one program workflow to another.


Sivaramakumar P

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Siva,

In the workflow properties, you should be able to choose its parent program. There is currently a limitation causing elements created in a program to only be moveable to another program, and same with elements created in campaigns that can only be moved in another campaign.

As to copy paste, it is currently not possible, but should be in a future release. Though I have no date to share yet.

Hope this helps,