Multiple sender addresses and reply to addresses in my Adobe Campaign instance



Can I have multiple sender addresses and reply to addresses in my Adobe Campaign instance ?With our business units becoming more focused we will be creating a regional / business unit variable so that each team can manage the sender addresses and the reply to addresses. If yes, please let me know how to get those Email addresses authorised in Adobe.

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Short answer is YES, you can have multiple reply and sender addresses.

Let assume you company owns the domain

You can then delegate a subdomain to Adobe. Adobe will complete the configuration and allow you to use this subdomain for email sending and error address

Similar process can be followed for more than 1 subdomain.

Refer to documentation

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If you refer the documentation shared above by Vipul, if domains are delegated to Adobe it should appear like


In your case that seems not the case  so it looks like that delegation has not been completed.

Also I would suggest you to open ticket with Adobe support to get a confirmation on this . You can check with your internal teams if there has been any domain delegation request send to adobe tech-ops team.




Hi Mark,

There is a global setting for reply address and it is also marketing-configurable for every delivery.  It doesn’t even have to be the same sub-domain as what was delegated to Adobe as it does not affect reputation.   It can be any mailbox.

best practices recommendation is to change the “Reply To” address to a customer-readable and monitored mailbox on your corporate email server.   So when a customer hits the “Reply” button in their email client, the “Reply to” email address gets automatically filled in.  Then your customer service team can review all the responses it that come to those corporate mailboxes and take action if necessary.





Hi there,

Can the reply address within the deployment wizard be set to any valid email address? e.g. it doesn't have to be communicated to Adobe and authorised?

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Hi mate,

Thank you for your response.

Below is the result in the answer section when I tried querying with my domain name.

;; ANSWER SECTION: name). 86031 IN A

Does this mean that my company's domain name is not delegated to Adobe ?





There are so many webisite's to check this.

One of the website is

When you give domain in this and look up, in the answer section you can see that the domain you queried is delegated to Adobe/Neolane name servers or not.