Multiple execution instances of Message center in single console



Hi Team,

Please help me in the following query.

Can we have a multiple execution or control instances of message center in the campaign console for single URL? If yes, how can we configure and separate the publishing the templates accordingly?


Raviteja Gundu.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi ravitejagundu,

It all depends on your contract.

There should ideally be a single control instance and you can have multiple execution instances.

How many you can setup is in your hands if the servers are hosted with you on-prem.

If the execution instances are with Adobe, provisioning will happen based on your contract and hardware sizing. Please check with support how many execution instances you have.

Connecting multiple execution to a single control is fairly easy and you can do so by following the documentation you shared

If it is on-prem support cannot assist with the infrastructure setup as it is outside their remit. you will probably need to work with Adobe consulting or an implementation partner.


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Answers (2)



Hi all,

Is Configuring of Execution instance in external accounts will made new control instance? We are having single instance and the control and execution instances are in same instance. Is it possible to balance the load by sharing them into different control and execution instances?

Please help me in finding best way for sharing the load on message center instance by sharing. I am following the document "Create a shared connection"​ , but still missing some points.

Shall we have to ask support team to do this by raising the ticket?

Hi Vipul Raghav, Adhiyan​, florentlb​, Ananya Kuthiala

please help me on this.