Multiple Domains, Report Suites and Email Addresses




We have a client who is considering ACS that has 15 different domains matched to 15 Adobe Analytics report suites.  We are wondering to what extent does ACS support this setup, specifically:

  1. Would the client need 15 instances of ACS or can a single instance support emails from all domains, e.g.,,, on and on up to the 15 domains?
  2. As a best practice, is it better to keep all customers in a single Profile DB and segment by a property field or create 15 different profile databases?
  3. Is there anything special we need to account for when importing Adobe Analytics segments into ACS – like would Experience Cloud segments apply to all ACS Programs/Profiles or is there a way to only apply a 1:1 relationship between Report Suite A and Program A (
  4. Anything else we should be aware of when dealing with clients with multiple web/email domains


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