Multilingual content blocks in Campaign Standard



Hi Community,

Is there a best practice for supporting multiple languages in ACS content blocks?

For example, the Unsubscription link content block contains English text "You are receiving this message because ...".

Is there a solution, like an i18n dictionary, where we could setup the same text in multiple languages and let the platform include the right variant based on the user's locale?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Kornel

I've hit the same problem. It would be great if Content blocks could support language variants like ACS multilingual email deliveries, but they don't (yet).  And as for the i18n translation dictionary idea, this applies to classic but unfortunately not to ACS.

So best as far as I know is to  include the unsubscribe link directly in an ACS multilingual email delivery and update the link text in each variant. It ain't pretty, but it works. Meantime, feel free to voice your desires for future improved multi-locale support here: Future plans for multilocale campaigns in ACS?


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