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Hi All,

We are using the MS dynamics external account to connect to on-premise CRM system. We have tried the following options need some advise to evaluate if this is a product limitation or are we not using the right method to connect.

  1. On-premise – This is the most ideal option but this needs to have ADFS & IFD enabled which is a big concern for my client since they do not have ADFS enabled in their CRM system. My question – Is there a way we can connect to an on-premise MS dynamics system without ADFS? Since it’s already in the same domain, do we need to have this authentication mode?
  2. Web API – This option needs to have a “Client-id” to be filled for the connection. What exactly is this client id? Iunderstand that to have the client id, we need to           register the system in Azure and get the application id. Not sure if that’s right?
  3. Office 365 – This is the cloud version but since my client cannot expose the CRM to the outside world we cannot use this option.

In summary, is it possible to have on-premise without ADFS? And what is the client id that needs to be entered for Web API option?

Any help much appreciated.



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Thanks Shrawan.

This still requires an IFD (Internet facing deployment) to be configured. Adobe campaign and MS Dynamics are on the same server. Is it possible to bypass ADFS (claims based authentication) and directly connect with windows authentication?

When I connect to Web API , I get NTLM authentication mode error. Need to specify a token.

Appreciate any help.