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I wonder whether it works to crate a form in a landing page to modify tables other than profile table in ACS.

I copied the OOB landing page template and chose another targeting dimension than profile in my copy. Then I created a landing page using my template and I tried different reconciliation keys and parameter mapping. Nothing seems to work. When I go to the testing page and choose an entry to modify, I end up immediately on the error page.

Is there any way of modifying other tables that profile from a form in a landing page?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi mustafaa6441711,

With the current ACS version this is not doable or better to say that the feature is not available.

You can use a landing page to only modify profile or a resource directly linked to profile.

Any disconnected custom resource will have to be modified using a new feature coming out in May release. It will allow you to pick the details for custom resource in a landing page. This landing page will be able to call a custom workflow containing external signal activity. LP will pass on parameters to this external signal which can be used to update the data in your custom resource.

Please keep an eye on the Adobe Campaign Help | Release Notes

Dedicated LP to directly modify custom resource is a future enhancement which will be made available by next year.


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Answers (3)



Thank you for your answer!

Actually, the table I am trying to modify from a landing page is directly connected to Profile, with 1-to-many relation, i.e. 1 profile can have many entries in the targeted table.

Is is possible to modify such data? Any guide for doing that?




Hi Vipul,

We are facing same issue while creating a landing page to update Profile schema.

Can you please confirm that we can update custom fields added in profile schema through a landing page?

Awaiting response from your side.