Mobile Properties created in Adobe Experience Launch not showing in mobile apps inside Adobe Campaign Standard





We are trying to configure an app for sending push notifications via Adobe Campaign Standard. We've followed all the steps to create and configure the property (corresponding to the mobile app) in Adobe Experience Launch. However, this property is not appearing (not being loaded or synched) in Mobile Apps (AEP SDK), under Channels in Adobe Campaign Standard. I've checked and made sure I had all permissions needed.


What might be the problem?


Thanks in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @vacosti - 


In Launch - have you:

  1. Added the Campaign Standard Extension to your property?
    1. Try only adding the server address to the Production field. Do not use the same URL address in Dev and Stage. 
  2. Added the appropriate Data Elements in Launch?
  3. Published a Library that contains the extension?

After that, try logging into Campaign again to see if the property shows up as "Ready to Configure" in the channels section. 

Users need to be part of the same Adobe ORG. Launch + ACS will not work if your Campaign instance is in a separate ORG from your Launch Mobile property. 

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