Mobile no. getting dropped during SMS Campaign Execution



Consider a scenario wherein a single profile of Mr.X ( from Recipient Table is targeted in multiple SMS Campaigns

1. SMS Campaign1 the targeted mobile no. is 9812345670

2. SMS Campaign2 the targeted mobile no. is 9845623780

3. SMS Campaign3 the targeted mobile no. is 9845632310

Currently, mobile no. in Recipient Table for Mr.X is stored as 9812345670 against the email id

Hence, for SMS Campaign2 and SMS Campaign3 profile ​( is getting dropped as it doesn’t find mobile no in the recipient table.

How do we handle this scenario?

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Hi Richa,

It seems that you are using some sort of Enrichment to reconcile the target information with that available in your space.

By default the campaign database is setup as such to have only one mobile number associated with a profile.

If you wish to store multiple mobile numbers, you need to do one of the following:

1. Make three profiles with one mobile number per profile

2. Extend the recipient schema to have multiple mobile numbers stored per profile and then you will have to enhance other functionalities as well.

Hope this helps.