Mobile App Channel: Usage of seeds possible?



Hi guys,

is it possible to use seeds in a mobile push notification?

If so, what are the necessary information I have to configure within the seed-item?

In the seed there are fields like "mobile telephone", "mobile app" and "external ID":


Do I have to fill in these information for sending a push notification to the seed?

What do the fields stand for/what kind of information do I have to fill in?

Kind regards,


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Tim,

As much as possible, use the same fields as you would use for a recipient, depending on the personalization you need to include in your push notifications. We have a few documents coming shortly about push notifications, I do not know the exact content but they should greatly help, stay tuned!

I think the minimal information would be targeting information used to query the recipient (age? name/firstname? country?), as well as the mobile app ID, as you'd be sending the notification through the app...

Let me know,


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