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We have an email on message center that's being triggered by an external system. We have data on the Message Center instance that we need to include in the email.

The data in question is being updated one every half year. Our quick fix was to include all the data as a JSON object in a personalization block on our control instance.

Is there a way to query the data directly when the email is being processed in the message center execution instance?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




You have already found a quick fix, but I can recommend two other options.

Option 1:

Have you seen Event enrichment option for message center?


This step is only available if you have purchased the enrichment option: please check your license agreement.

Enriching an event means adding to its description thanks to a JavaScript function. You can add additional data to rtEvent. For instance, you can add a preference regarding the channel to be used, or compare two templates before linking an event to one of them.

To do this:

1 Create a JavaScript file in the Administration>Configurations>JavaScript Codes folder,

2 Deploy it on each existing execution instance,

3 Define the name of the JavaScript file in the MC_RoutingCustomJs library found in the

Administration>Platform>Options folder.

The file must contain the methods for which a signature is defined in the library. After execution, the

JavaScript function must return the name of the delivery to be linked to the event.

This additional data can be available in an external database. Make sure the execution instances can access it using SOAP calls.

Option 2: Raise a ticket with neolane support and ask them if you can have some custom platform options in execution instance and you can put your data in executions instance and get this data in delivery.

Option 3: create a custom web service in your control instance which will act as routing service and call message center with rteventData+Your additional data.

Option 4:

Use second Event collection method

Events generated by the information system can be collected by Neolane Message Center using two modes:

Default calls to SOAP methods let you push events in Neolane Message Center second mode creating a workflow lets you recover events by importing files or via an SQL gateway.

it depends on your business case, i.e., what kind of data you have.



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Hi, thanks for your answers. I have used Option1 and it works great for us. The only problem that I have is that it looks like AC cache the custom js router, and when I do updates on it I need to wait some hours before it starts to work, do you know a workaround so AC uses the new version faster?