Measuring Campaign Effectiveness



Hi all,

Kindly suggest how to Measure Campaign Effectiveness using Adobe Campaign

Measuring Campaign Effectiveness sends campaigns on email, push, etc.

But which instances have resulted in conversion and all, how will Adobe Campaign know at all?

For example, From Push notification, there is no reverse flow to Adobe Campaign to inform that the specific campaign has been successful or a failure.

Appreciate all your responses.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Rama,

You were talking about conversion, that's why I was asking. There is an old PDF documentation about this module, here:​. But I'm not sure you can still get it if you don't have it already. This is made for advanced conversion and leads management.

If this is not your case, I'd recommend following the guidelines from my previous post. Measuring effectiveness would ultimately depend on the different tools you have.

One common approach I've seen is companies exporting their campaign data,  and consolidating these data with tracking data from their website or with their offline metrics (like for physical stores) in third party analytics tools, to be able to measure the concrete impact of the campaign on every level, compared to other periods when no campaign was running.

Hope this helps,