Max(date) group by customer

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





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Using aggregates

  1. Create a query. Here, the goal is to calculate the last known creation date out of all of the recipients in the database. The query therefore does not contain a filter.
  2. Select Add data.
  3. In the windows that open, select Data linked to the filtering dimension then Filtering dimension data.
  4. In the Data to add window, add a column that calculates the maximum value for the Creation date field in the table of recipients. You can use the expression editor or enter max(@created) directly into a field in the Expression column. Then click the Finish button.datamanagement_usecase_2.png
  5. Click Edit additional data then Advanced parameters.... Check the Disable automatic adding of the primary keys of the targeting dimension option.This option ensures that all the recipients are not displayed as a result and that data added explicitly is not kept. In this case, it refers to the last date a recipient was created.Leave the Remove duplicate rows (DISTINCT) option checked.