Mass/Batch Update using xtk.session.write



Hi guys,

I am currently have a workflow containing a Javascript activity which is querying several data schemas such as nms:broadLogRcp and nms:trackingLogRcp to select

recipients and then query the result using xtk.queryDef.create function. After being able to query the results, I am writing to the nms:recipient schema, populating a field attribute on that table FOR EACH RECIPIENT in the schema  using xtk.session.write function. 

However as there is a large set of data involved and large number of recipients, this process is taking a very long time as I will have to loop through each recipient, then do the update which will populate the field in the data schema for each recipient. So i wanted to know if it is possible doing a batch/mass update using the xtk.session api. I am unable to do this in SQL due to not having the rights to perform SQL queries in the adobe campaign environment I am working in hence why I am using xtk.queryDef.

To make it simple, All i am doing is:

  • selecting recipients from both nms:broadLogRcp & nms:trackingLogRcp tables (using xtk.queryDef.create)
  • querying the results(using the ExecuteQuery function)
  • A For each loop to iterate through all recipients
  • Then using conditional statements to assign recipients a flag - This is when I am writing to the nms:recipient schema to populate field with the flag assigned for each recipient that has been iterated.

I would like to know how I can perform or it will be possible do a batch update on this which will reduce time in setting flags for all recipients. I know there is an Update Data activity available in the workflow but need to do this through javascript which is needed  for doing aggregate counts for each recipient.


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Hi Nadeem,

If they are hosted then their contract is likely to state a limit on the volume of API calls, but in general the APIs are not designed to handle these types of volumes that are better handled through a data file.