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Hi all,

Requirement: We have to make sure, that only operators with the specific right deliveryValidate are able to validate campaigns, deliveries or offers.

Problem: If an operator has the right to start the validation (approvalAdministration), the operator can select also operators without the deliveryValidate right.1233620_pastedImage_2.jpg

Bug: The operator Kampagnenbearbeiter (see screenshot above) is able to validate, after being selected as validator, although the operator has not the specific right (shown in the following screenshot // deliveryValidate)


Question: How can we make sure that only operators with the specific right (deliveryValidate) are able to validate (and also are selectable to validate) AND the same to campaigns and offers!

Many thanks and best regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Robert,

If I'm right, these 2 functions are different. The first screenshot shows a detail screen when you can select manually a validator or a group of validators (even if they don't have the right).

If you don't set anything in this screen, then only operators with the right to validate will be able to do so.

You can have an overview of the right matrix here: Access Rights Matrix and the documentation dedicated to named rights: Access management

I will double check if this is the normal behaviour here.