Limit number of email sends on a follow up email



I'm looking to limit the number of specific deliveries we send to a profile on a follow up email.


We have three separate purchase follow up emails for three different transaction types, each with their own follow up email that sends 3 days after the purchase confirmation email is sent and includes a token from the previous email to link back to their order. We would like to limit the number of sends so that they only receive 1 purchase follow up every 30 days.


I initially had it set up as part of the query where I'm targeting the specific email as the resource, checking that the delivery log exists and the date of the email was 3 days go EXCEPT if a delivery with the label "purchase follow up" exists within the last 30 days. However, it queries the profile every time they're queried and does not catch them in the exception, therefore they receive multiple purchase follow ups.  (For example, they purchased on July 1st and 2nd and received a follow up on both July 4th and 5th but should not have received on the 5th.)


I've also tried making a fatigue rule where there's a constant threshold of 1, with a sliding period of 30 days which excludes the email if they've received ANY delivery, not just emails with this typology applied.

When I adjust the application criteria to apply to "Label contains "purchase follow up" (Not case sensitive)",  the email I expect to receive is getting caught in the exclusion and it doesn't send.


What am I missing??



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I guess you are using a "Recurring Delivery". In standard configuration, this will create a monthly copy (e.g. "[2020/07] purchase follow up") for the mail sending.

Thus your query does not match.



  • use the contains as you did
  • instead of checking the delivery, follow the master link and check there as this is the Delivery which you are editing in the UI